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A resource for learning and exploring the long, fascinating history of Britain. The History of Britain is intended for and run by amateur British History enthusiasts.

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2015, March 1 - New Episode

Episode 8.1 Episode 8.1 - Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard is live!

2014, October 12 - New Episode

Episode 8 Episode 8 - Adventus Saxonum is live!

2014, September 7 - New Episode

Episode 7 Episode 7 - The Germanic Peoples and The Collision of Two Desperate Wolrds is live!

2014, August 30 - New Episode

Episode 6 Episode 6 - The Decline of Roman Britain is live!

2014, June 2 - New Episode

Episode 5.1 Episode 5.1 - Celtic Myths and Legends is live!

2014, May 13 - New Episode

Episode 5 Episode 5 - Anglo-Saxon Britain: The Sources is live!

2014, March 16 - New ways to listen

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2014, February 15 - Subscribe on Feedburner!

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